Catholic Life

Weekly Service at 7:10am

Morning Prayer: Mon to Thu, Performing Arts Centre

Mass: Fri, LT2 & 3

Legion of Mary

Y5 & 6 Catholic Society


12:30 to 1:30pm (Lunchtime) at the Cenacle

The Parmenie Experience

Day retreat at Kingsmead Centre, 10am to 5pm

Group A - 23 Mar (Wed) [FN501 -504]

Group B - 6 Apr (Wed) [FN504-LE507]

Group C - 23 Apr (Sat) [LE508-LE510]

Group D - 4 May (Wed) [ML511-ML515]

Group E - 21 May (Sat) [MN516-MN520]

Y5-6 Chaplaincy Committee Teachers

Mrs Josephine Lee (

Mr Michael Ee (

Mr Russell Tan (

Mr Eugene Wong (

Other Useful Links

Getting to know you...

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Photos of former Catholic IB students attending Catholic Life activities together.