Staff Contact

* Please note that the school would usually respond to email within 2 working days; if not, please send a reminder. The school would also like to request the respect of teachers' family and personal time on

(i) Weekdays from 18:00 hours to 07:00 hours (the next working day), and

(ii) Weekends from Friday 17:30 hours to Monday 07:00 hours.

Thank you for your understanding.

Management Team

Vice-Principal : Mdm Lim Lay Hoon <>

Dean : Mr Tang Woh Un <>

Director of Academy : Mr Kelvin Seet <>

Director of Academy : Ms Christina Leong <>

Director of Student Development : Mr Lim Eng Kong < >

Director of Learning : Mrs Vivian Tan <>

Head of Level (Y6) : Ms Beatrice Cho <>

Head of Level (Y5): Mr Raymond Karam <>

Covering HOL (Y5): Mr Lim Eng Kong <>


English : Ms Jasmine Tan <>

Mother Tongue : Ms Annie Wong <>

Mathematics : Ms Koh Ling Ling <>

Science : Mr Raymond Wong <>

Humanities : Ms Elaine Toh <>

Arts : Mrs Vivian Tan <>

Form Tutors

FN501 Ms P Marakatham <>

FN502 Ms Doreen Mak <>

FN503 Mr Karthickeyen Govindaraj <>

FN504 Mr Alan Johnson <>

FN505 Ms Linda So Ling Luan <>

LE506 Ms Lynette Lin Shengyan <>

LE507 Ms Eileen Su Ling <>

LE508 Mr Albert Tan Kay Lai <>

LE509 Mrs Yam Margaret Helen <>

LE510 Mr Chan Yew Fook <>

ML511 Mr Wong Chee Choy <>

ML512 Dr Lee Lye Hin <>

ML513 Ms Chua Jie Ying Cherie <>

ML514 Ms Hayati Wijaya Alice <>

ML515 Mr Eugene Ong Yu-Ping <>

MN516 Mr Kenny Teoh You Chuan <>

MN517 Ms Doris Koh <>

MN518 Mr Ang Yu Long <>

MN519 Mrs Josephine Lee <>

MN520 Ms Chua Pei Ni Richael <>